To download a copy of this Sorting Guide please visit our collection schedule page by clicking here.

Container Recycling
(Yellow Triple R Can)
Containers can be mixed together but must remain separate from paper

Paper Recycling
(Blue Box)
Paper can be mixed together but must remain separate from containers.

(Green Cart)
NO Plastics, Metal or Glass


Aerosol cans (empty) Books
(soft & hard cover-remove hardcovers)
Baking ingredients Ashes (in in a combustible container)
Aluminum plates Boxboard (cereal, tissue, cracker boxes) Bones Binders
Cardboard cans (frozen juice, peanuts, hot chocolate) Brown paper bags Bread Blister plastic packaging
Cartons (milk, juice, cream) Catalogues and magazines Butcher paper Bubble wrap
Clam shells (plastic produce & bakery containers) Corrugated cardboard
(2ft x 3ft (0.61 x 0.91m) flattened and/or bundled)
Cereal Candles
Egg cartons (plastic) Envelopes Coffee filters/grounds Candy bar wrappers
Glass bottles & jars (non-refundable, lids removed) File folders Cooking oil, grease, fat (solidified) Carpet (must fit inside bag or can)
Juice boxes Frozen food boxes Corncobs & cornhusks CD/DVDs & cases
Paint cans: METAL, empty, dry (lids removed) Greeting cards Dairy products Ceramics
Plastic bottles, jugs, tubs & lids (i.e. food & beverage containers, household cleaning products, laundry detergent, shampoo bottles, etc.) Junk mail Drink trays (paper) Cereal / cracker box liner
Pop/juice cans Newspaper & flyers Eggs & egg shells Chip bags
Small scrap metal items (utensils, pots & pans, baking sheets, metal coat hangers, small appliances – cords removed). Must fit inside your yellow bin. Paper (coloured & white) Egg cartons (paper) Christmas tree lights
Steel cans Paper towel rolls (empty) Facial tissue Cigarette butts
Yogurt/pudding/applesauce cups Shredded paper (in a clear plastic bag) Fish parts Clemintine boxes
Telephone books Flowers Clothesline
Toilet paper rolls (empty) Fruit Cookie bags
Tissue paper Houseplants Cork
Wrapper paper (Non-metallic) Leaf and yard waste Crayons
Meat products Dialysis tubing
Microwave popcorn bags Diapers
Muffin papers Diaper wipes
Napkins Dishes
Nuts / shells Disposable mop sheets
Paper cups Dog/cat food bags
Paper food containers Dryer sheets & lint
Paper plates Feminine hygiene products
Paper towels Florist foam
Pasta Flower pots/trays
Pizza and pizza boxes Foil (pouches/packets)
Pumpkins Food packaging (deli meat, hot dog, wrappers, etc.)
Rice Furnace filters
Shellfish (inc. shells) Garden hose
Tea bags & leaves Kitty litter
Vegetables Latex gloves
Waxed corrugated cardboard (small quantities only) Mirrors
Waxed paper Pet waste
Planting trays / pots
Plastic cutlery
Plastic wrap
Pool noodles
Rags & unusable clothing
Sandwich bags
Styrofoam packing peanuts
Vacuum bags
VHS Tapes & Cases
Milk Bags
Paint Can (plastic, empty)
Remote Controls
Styrofoam ALL TYPES – plates, cups, insulation, packaging, etc.
Plastic bags ALL TYPES – grocery, bread, milk, etc.

The following must be disposed of properly. DO NOT place in recycling, organics, or garbage:

Medical supplies (i.e. empty, plastic IV bags and tubing) – Garbage (remove all needles)
Ammunition (contact local police station)
Motor oil bottles – Household Hazardous Waste
Needles – Click here for more information
Batteries – Household Hazardous Waste
Cell phones – Electronic Waste 
Hazardous waste (paint, oil. etc.)

Collection Schedules can be downloaded here for residents in Petawawa, Pembroke and Laurentian Valley.  Copies are also available at your Municipal Office. Your Collection Schedule will note your collection day, items to be collected, Environmental Days, Large Collection (furniture, appliances, scrap metal, elect), Leaf & Yard Waste Pick-Ups and Christmas Tree Disposal.

Hazardous or Special Waste is not collected at curbside. HSW can be brought to the OVWRC year round during regular operating hours or check for Environmental Days during the Spring and Summer.

Old clothing, if useable can be donated to a charity. Unusable clothing is regular garbage.