pile of wood waste with sign in front sign text is Wood

Download our new Sorting It Out Guide with lots of information on the proper separation of Construction and Demolition Waste. 

OVWRC customers are encouraged to properly separate Construction, Demolition (C&D) and Renovation Material to save on tipping fees.  Acceptable Construction and Demolition waste that is separated is charged a lower tipping fee.   Click here for current waste disposal fees. 

Source Separated Material is charged the lowest tipping fee.  Material can be sorted into the following categories:

Shingles Shingle paper and nails do not have to be removed.  Free of plastic, wood, etc.
Drywall Unpainted; must be free of wood, tiles, etc.
Concrete No larger than 4 ft x 4 ft, must be unpainted and free from rebar or any other metal.
Clean Wood Waste Unpainted/untreated dimensional lumber (i.e. 2 x 4), Plywood/Chipboard/Fibreboard, Pallets
Dirty Wood Waste Painted/stained/pressure treated wood, wood flooring, wood furniture & doors (minimal metal)

Also accepted at the Construction and Demolition Site:

Scrap Metal NO CHARGE
Brush Any branches that are larger than the thickness of your thumb, and longer than 3 – 4 feet. Material smaller than that is considered Leaf and Yard Waste.

The following construction and renovation material is considered LANDFILL:

Asbestos siding & shingles
Ceiling tiles
Insulation bags
Laminate flooring
Plastic pipe (i.e. ABS)
Railroad ties
Vinyl Siding
Wooden windows & door with glass

Asbestos insulation requires pre-approval.  Click here for more information. 

Landscape Products

Compost and Gypsum is available for purchase at the Construction and Demolition Site.  Click here for more information. 

What Happens to Construction & Demolition Material?