UPDATE April 13th, 2021 – At this time we are only able to accept clean, WHITE agricultural plastic.  There are currently no end markets receiving colored agricultural plastic or boat wrap for recycling.  The Centre will continue to monitor market availability and reinstate the colored agricultural plastic and boat wrap recycling programs when markets permit. At this time, colored agricultural plastic and boat wrap will be accepted as Landfill material and charged the applicable Landfill tipping fees.

We accept WHITE bale/agricultural wrap from within Renfrew County.  Tipping Fees apply to this material due to the high cost to handle and market bale wrap.

Partner Municipalities (Petawawa, Pembroke, Laurentian Valley, North Algona): $50/tonne, $20 <400 kgs

Non-Partner Municipalities (within Renfrew County): $90/tonne, $30 <334 kgs

Please enter at Gate 1 to weigh material first before unloading at Gate 3.

Follow these steps to recycle WHITE bale/agricultural wrap:

  • Shake wrap to remove debris.
  • Roll tightly (do not bind with twine)
  • Return to Ottawa Valley Waste Recovery Centre.  Click here for hours and location.

Only clean, dry, WHITE wrap will be accepted.

ACCEPTED AS LANDFILL: Blue/green/black wrap, boat wrap, net wrap, twine, feedbags, pesticide/fertilizer containers, wrap bound with twine, garbage, mulch film.  Landfill tipping fees apply.