pile of compost beside trommel screen

Compost Sales – Currently for sale while supplies last

Compost (a valuable soil amendment) is made primarily from leaf and yard waste and curbside green cart material.  It is processed and screened but may contain some remaining non-organic material.  Compost is sold in bulk.  Customers can bring their own truck, trailer or containers to be loaded. Compost can be purchased during our regular operating hours while supplies last.

Compost Prices (HST included)

1 Cubic Yard: $25.00
1/2 Cubic Yard: $12.50
1/4 Cubic Yard (minimum): $6.25
For more information on our compost and how to use it read our flyer.


Please note, as of Fall 2019 we no longer produce wood mulch for purchase.  We require the wood mulch in our composting operations and no longer have any available for sale.

Gypsum Sales – SOLD OUT

Drywall (gypsum) received at our Construction and Demolition site is screened to produce this valuable soil additive.  It acts as a source of calcium sulfur. Click here for more information on using gypsum.

If you are interested in this product in large quantities please contact Laurie Benjamin, Diversion Supervisor at 613-735-7537, ext. 222 or lbenjamin@ovwrc.com.

Gypsum Prices
$5 per tonne (includes HST)