3 double a batteries

Batteries are considered Hazardous or Special Waste.  They DO NOT belong in the garbage or recycling.  Disposing of your batteries is easy.  Batteries of all sizes and types (except Wet cell Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries) are accepted at our Hazardous Waste Depot or one of our Environmental Days.

There are also drop-off locations for small batteries (i.e. AA, AAA, D, C, button batteries) at many community facilities including these:


Town Office 1111 Victoria St.
Library 16 Civic Centre Road
Civic Centre 16 Civic Centre Road


Operations Department 460 River Road
Pembroke City Hall 1 Pembroke St E
Pembroke Public Library 237 Victoria St
Kinsmen Pool 424 Herbert St
Pem Ice II 40 Bennett Street
Pembroke Memorial Centre 393 Pembroke St. West
Fire Department 273 Victoria Street

Laurentian Valley

Shady Nook Recreation Centre 80 Richardson Crescent
Alice & Fraser Recreation Centre 1 Henan Rd.
Township Office 460 Witt Road

North Algona Wilberforce

Shaw Woods Road Transfer Site 1091 Shaw Woods Road
Berndt Road Transfer Site 219 Berndt Road
Township Office 1091 Shaw Woods Road