Who said that recycling can’t be fun? Here at OVWRC we are always experimenting with creative and imaginative ways to reuse recyclables and other items that would otherwise end up in the garbage.

Click on one of the links below and try one of our crafts yourself!

Grass Head

This craft not only recycles, it creates new life!

You will need the following:

  • An old pair of nylons
  • Grass seed
  • Elastic bands
  • Compost/soil mixture
  • Googly eyes
  • Pompoms
  • Glue
  • Styrofoam Cup
  • Crayons

To make your Grass Head:

  • Put 2 tablespoons of grass seed in the bottom of the nylon
  • Fill the nylon with 1 cup of compost/soil mixture and form into a ball (whatever shape you’d like for a head)
  • Tie the bottom of the nylon together with an elastic and cut away the extra fabric
  • Decorate the Styrofoam cup with crayons, googly eyes and pompoms
  • Fill the bottom of the Styrofoam cup with water and place your filled nylon firmly
  • Watch your Grass Head’s hair grow!!

Bonus: You can cut and style your Grass Head’s hair as it grows!

Pig Tails Two Grass Heads ready to rock the town A Fancy Up Do
grassheads2 grassheads4 grassheads3
CD Ornament

You will need the following:

  • 2 CD’s
  • String or ribbon to hang your CD ornament
  • Craft glue or glue gun.
  • Scissors
  • Any extra items you wish to decorate your CD with. You could paint a picture on it, cut and glue pictures from magazines or family photos, glue on greenery, lace.

To make CD Ornaments:

  • Cut a 15 cm piece of ribbon or string and glue in a loop on one side of one of your CD’s. This will be used for hanging your ornament.
  • Then place glue along the outside edge on the CD that has your loop glued on it. Then take the other CD and place on top. This will glue both CD’s together and give you two shining sides facing out.
  • It is now time to decorate your CD any way you wish.
Light-Bulb Snowman

You will need the following:

  • Old or used household light bulbs.
  • Fishing line or string to hang your ornament.
  • Craft glue or glue gun.
  • Scissors
  • White Craft Paint (to paint the light bulb)
  • Craft Paint, markers or crayons – assorted colours for making the face.
  • coloured felt (green or red) to make the hat.

To make the Snowball Ornaments:

  • Take your old or used light bulb and paint the light bulb white, you will probably need 2 coats of paint. (You do not have to paint the metal end – that will be covered by the hat.)
  • Once the paint is dry, you can make the snowball’s hat. Take a piece of felt (colour of your choice) and wrap it around the metal end of the light bulb. Cut to fit, you will then have to glue this in place on the light bulb. Make sure you have enough of the base of the light bulb to draw on your face.
  • Once your hat is glued on the light bulb take fishing line or string and tie in a loop for hanging your ornament. This will also secure the hat at the top. Cut the ends of the felt in to strips to make the top as seen on our ornaments.
  • It is now time to paint your snowball’s face. Give it two eyes, a nose and a nice smile. Don’t forget the rosy cheeks.
Light-Bulb Reindeer

You will need the following:

  • Used clear or coloured Christmas tree or outdoor light bulbs (the larger ones).
  • Fishing line or string to hang your ornament.
  • Craft glue or glue gun.
  • Scissors
  • Pipe cleaners for the reindeer’s antlers (colour of your choice).
  • Pompoms for the nose (colour of your choice).
  • Goggley eyes.
  • Greenery for decoration around the antlers.

To make the Reindeer ornaments:

  • Take an old/used Christmas light bulb and tie some fishing wire/string securely around the metal end of the light bulb, this is used to hang your Reindeer ornament on the tree when complete.
  • Glue eyes on the ornament just below the metal base.
  • Glue the nose close to the bottom of the light bulb (the pointy end).
  • Use a pipe cleaner cut in half to make your antlers. Twist the pipe cleaner around the metal base once and bend the pipe cleaner to shape into antlers.
  • Take your greenery and glue a small piece on the metal base where the antlers join.