stack of 4 tires

Update: May 26th, 2020

OVWRC has secured a new collector for tires.  Effective immediately, Trillium Tire will be collecting tires received at OVWRC to be recycled into mats used in the agricultural industry.

Residents are allowed to bring up to 10 tires/day/customer. 

CHANGES (Effective, May 26th, 2020):

Tires without rims are accepted.

Tires with rims are NOT acceptable.

Tires of ANY size without rims are accepted.  Bicycle tires are considered regular garbage.


If tires are brought to the Centre that are not acceptable for recycling, they will be charged the current landfill tipping fee.  We would encourage all Centre customers to visit RPRA’s website to find a collection site near you:

Please note: Tires are not accepted for curbside collection or at the Environmental Days.