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Collection of large household goods will be happening soon for residents in the Town of Petawawa, City of Pembroke and Township of Laurentian Valley.  Acceptable items must not be placed curbside earlier than Sunday, May 30th.

Brian Lewis, City of Pembroke Operations Manager, wants residents to be aware of some precautions that are in place to protect residents and the collection contractor, Miller Waste.  “Residents are reminded to respect requirements for physical distancing and not to approach collection staff.  Scavenging of materials that are set-out for large item collection is not permitted under Municipal By-Laws.”

In order for material to be collected it must be properly separated into four different piles:

Scrap Metal Items & Non-Freon Metal Appliances

  • BBQ’s, stainless steel sinks, bikes, exercise equipment, microwave ovens and non-freon metal appliances (oven, washer, dryer, dishwasher). Small metal appliances (irons, kettles, toasters) should be placed in your yellow bin (remove and discard cords in garbage) and set-out on your regular yellow bin collection day.

Freon Appliances

  • Fridges, freezers, air conditioners, water coolers, dehumidifiers. Freon does not have to be removed.  Remove lids & doors from fridges/freezers.

Acceptable Large Items

  • Artificial Christmas Trees (Remove from cardboard box)
  • Boxsprings and mattresses
  • Broken garbage cans, plastic totes, etc. (Must be labeled “For Collection”)
  • Carpets and underlay
  • Furniture (desks, couches)
  • Luggage & hockey bags larger than 9” x 14” x 22”
  • Mops, brooms, shovels & rakes (non-metal)
  • Plastic – Large, bulky household plastic items (children’s swimming pools, lawn chairs, outdoor toys)
  • Pool covers

Electronic Waste 

  • TV’s, computers, radios, speakers

“We continued to see non-acceptable items set-out for collection during the large item pick-up last Fall.” States Mr. Lewis.  “This collection is intended for larger household items like furniture and mattresses.  Smaller items such as coffee makers, flower pots, shoes and clothing may be placed out with your regular garbage in a bag or container, not during large item collection.  Bags of garbage, materials in cardboard boxes and construction or renovation materials will not be picked-up during the large item collection.”

Residents are reminded of the other set out requirements for Large Item Collection:

  • Items smaller than 9” x 14” x 22” or items that can fit into a standard garbage bag or can WILL NOT be collected.
  • Material placed out in cardboard boxes or garbage bags or containers WILL NOT be collected.
  • Construction and Renovation material such as toilets, windows and doors and WILL NOT be collected.
  • Wood (i.e. lumber, plywood, etc.) and wooden pallets WILL NOT be collected.
  • Tires and hazardous waste such as propane tanks, paint cans and fluorescent light bulbs WILL NOT be collected.
  • Clothing and textiles WILL NOT be collected.
  • Acceptable materials must be manageable by two people and cannot exceed 80 lbs, 27 cubic feet and 6 feet long.

DO NOT place items out earlier than Sunday, May 30th.  Collection will occur May 31st to June 4th on your regular collection day.   Click here for more information.

Written by Elizabeth Graham
Elizabeth Graham has been the Communications Officer at Ottawa Valley Waste Recovery Centre since November 2001. She loves all things up-cycled and re-purposed and enjoys working and volunteering within the community.