In Ontario, you can return eligible wine, beer and spirit containers to The Beer Store for a deposit return. When these containers are placed in your recycling bins, especially glass, additional and unnecessary costs are added to your recycling program.

All glass bottles and jars received at OVWRC are hand sorted by staff and used as road-building material around the site.  Using this inert material as an aggregate substitute on-site is an acceptable method used to manage this material.  It is also more environmentally friendly than shipping a mixed, broken glass material to end markets in Southern Ontario.


Returning glass wine, beer and spirit containers to The Beer Store is the best way to recycle them.  When managed through the deposit-return system they will be recycled into higher end uses such as new bottles or fiberglass.  In addition to that, you get your deposit back that you already paid on that container.

Organize a Bottle Drive for a local charity!   The Beer Store has some great tips including a downloadable resource guide for organizing a bottle drive.  Visit The Beer Store’s web page for more information on organizing a bottle drive.