Can Aerosol Cans be put in the black bins?

Yes, when empty, Aerosol Cans go in the Black Bins. They do not have to be punctured.

What bin does broken glass go in?

Broken window glass and dishes (i.e. plates, drinking glasses, etc.) are not recyclable and must be disposed of with the regular garbage in the Red Bins. Glass that is recyclable includes glass beverage bottles and food jars. If these are broken they can still be placed in the Black Bins.

Where does scrap metal go?

There will be another bin for scrap metal outside buildings where there is a large amount generated. Large scrap metal items do not go in the Black Bins.

Is this the same as my recycling program at home?

The Black/Blue/Red bins are for the Commercial Buildings at Garrison Petawawa only. Check with your local Municipality for information on your residential recycling program. If you are a resident of Petawawa, Pembroke, Laurentian Valley or North Algona Wilberforce, the Garrison Petawawa blue bin/dumpster mirrors your paper (blue box) recycling program at home.  The black bin/dumpster program mirrors the container (yellow bin) recycling program.

Where does metal and/or plastic strapping go?

The metal strapping used to hold large shipments together is considered scrap metal and should be placed in designated scrap metal bins. The plastic strapping is considered regular garbage and can be placed in the Red Bins.

Who has to comply with Garrison Petawawa’s Waste Program?

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What happens to anyone who does not comply with Garrison Petawawa’s Waste Program?

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What is NOT acceptable in Garrison Petawawa’s Waste Program?

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