Please be advised that the Ottawa Valley Waste Recovery Centre no longer provides a revenue share on clean, source separated loads of cardboard.

You may have heard, through recent media coverage, about changes to worldwide recycling markets due to China’s Green Fence Policy.  This policy restricts the import of paper and other recyclable material to China, causing the price received for these products to drop, in some cases as low as $0/tonne.

It is hoped that markets will recover and at that time, staff will review the cardboard revenue share program.

We thank you for your continued support of our recycling programs.

Cardboard Revenue Share

The Ottawa Valley Waste Recovery Centre provides a cardboard revenue share based on current market prices. The revenue share applies to designated loads of clean, corrugated cardboard ONLY. The designated loads must not contain any other paper products or non-recyclable materials.

The revenue share based on quantity delivered to Centre per month is outlined below. It is updated monthly.


1 – 5 tonnes/month: $0 per tonne
6-15 tonnes/month: $0 per tonne
More than 15 tonnes/month: $0 per tonne