In October 2011, Base Construction Engineers closed the Dry Dump (landfill) located on Paquette Road and opened a newly constructed Bulk Waste Transfer Site.

The Bulk Waste Transfer Site is located on Flanders Row just past 1 Canadian Field Hospital. The Government of Canada is dedicated to minimizing landfill through recycling and diversion activities. The Bulk Waste Site provides clients a disposal system to meet those objectives. Clients that do not comply with all site procedures will not be allowed to use the site and asked to leave with their waste. The chart below illustrates the differences between the old and new systems.

The use of clear bags will be strictly enforced.  This allows the site operators to ensure there are no illegal items such as hazardous materials in the bags and to ensure items are properly sorted. As BCE enforces the Garrison Petawawa clear bag policy for all dumpsters throughout Garrison and now the Bulk Waste Site, all units should be exclusively procuring clear bags for waste disposal. For questions regarding Garrison Petawawa’s clear bag policy or where to properly dispose items not accepted at the waste transfer site, please contact the Base Environment Office.




Facility Location East side of Paquette Road South of Back Gate South side of Flanders Row just past 1 Canadian Field Hospital (BB104)
Hours of Operation Tuesday and Thursday morning Monday to Friday 0800-1200
Client Identification Informal check in process Clients will be required to show acceptable Government issued identification and vehicle licence numbers to site operators; state where waste is generated from; and declare what they are bringing
Authorized Users Authorized CF, DND, PSP, Canex, NPF employees Authorized CF, DND, PSP, Canex, NPF employees with acceptable identification disposing DND/CF generated waste / recyclables
Unauthorized Users Contractors, Residential Housing Unit occupants, local community Contractors, Residential Housing Unit occupants, local community
Bagged and boxed waste No enforcement of waste container types All items disposed must be in clear bags and no waste can be disposed in cardboard boxes
Recycling Informal recycling program – most items landfilled Clients will be required to dispose of items in the correct bin or hopper as directed by the site operator to divert the maximum possible from landfill.
Unloading Clients dumped items on the ground and they would be landfilled Clients must dispose of items in large bins and the products will be transferred off site to an approved material recovery facility. No dumping on ground permitted.
Enforcement Informal enforcement Client loads will be checked prior to unloading and monitored for correct disposal in appropriate bins.
Acceptable Items Unsorted landfilled waste and sorted tires and steel Sorted – Wood, Steel, Tires, Leaf/Yard waste, construction waste, fibre (paper/cardboard), plastic and regular waste
Unacceptable Items Residential waste, contractor waste Residential, electronic, liquid, hazmat, spent ammunition or its packing packaging, nuclear, medical, biological, human or contractor waste, asphalt, inert fill

Items Not Accepted at Bulk Waste Site:

  • Liquid Wastes: POL, glycol
  • E-Waste: CPU, TV, Phones, blackberries, monitors, mice, projection cameras
  • Medical Waste: needles, pills, liquid medication, sharps or attached plastic needle, blood contaminated gauzes / bandages
  • Steel: (except what can be lifted into the bin at bulk waste site) vehicle parts, steel shelving, tee posts, fence posts
  • Hazardous or Special Waste: Fluorescent lights bulbs, ballasts, compact fluorescent, Batteries (alkaline, Nicad, L-ion, lead cell), radioactive (compasses weapons sights)
  • Items containing CFC chemicals, aerosol containers that are not empty