The Park has MOLOK units throughout the HWY 60 corridor and at Achray Campground to collect recyclables, organics & garbage. So at any given location you may see MOLOK containers for Paper Recycling, Container Recycling and Regular Garbage. Organic MOLOKs are available at some locations, check with Park staff to see if it is available where you are staying.

All visitors to Algonquin Park are required to separate paper and container recyclables and organic waste (where available) from your regular garbage. See below for how to separate your waste properly.

For more information on how to sort your recyclables and where to deposit them, look on the posters around the Park, refer to the Park tabloid or ask Park staff.

Paper Recycling

Paper can be mixed together but must be kept separate from containers.  Place loose in MOLOKs (do not bag).

What Can I Recycle?

  • Boxboard (cereal, tissue & cracker boxes)
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Catalogues & magazines
  • Paper towel rolls
  • Newspapers & flyers
  • Paper bags

NO dirty or soiled paper
NO paper contaminated with food

Container Recycling

Containers can be mixed together but must be kept separate from paper. Place loose in MOLOKs (do not bag).  **NO WOOD BAGS , PROPANE TANKS, STYROFOAM or PLASTIC BAGS**

What Can I Recycle?

  • Aerosol cans, empty
  • Aluminum plates and cans
  • Applesauce, pudding, yogurt cups
  • Cartons (milk, juice, cream)
  • Cardboard cans (frozen juice, peanuts, hot chocolate, etc.)
  • Egg cartons (plastic only)
  • Glass bottles and jars (lids removed)
  • Juice boxes
  • Plastic containers (food & beverage, shampoo bottles,etc.)
  • Plastic tubs and lids
  • Steel cans


click here for list of locations

Paper Bags only **NO plastics of any kind (including plastic bags claiming to be biodegradable or compostable)**

What Can I Compost?

  • All table scraps
  • Cooking oil, grease, fat (solidified, small  quantities only)
  • Meat, chicken, fish, bones
  • Fruit & vegetable peelings
  • Egg & nut shells
  • Bread, rice, pasta
  • Dairy products, cheese
  • Paper cups
  • Paper egg cartons & trays
  • Coffee grounds & filters
  • Tea leaves & bags
  • Soiled paper (including cardboard, napkins, towels, plates, cups,
    tissues & waxed paper)

NO Diapers
NO Animal Feces
NO Propane Tanks


What Goes in Regular Garbage?

  • Wood bags
  • Animal feces
  • Cookie bags
  • Chip bags
  • Candy wrappers
  • Cereal box liners
  • Diapers
  • Hot dog wrappers
  • Shrinkwrap/cling wrap/food wrap
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Freezie wrappers
  • Plastic toys
  • Plastic bags
  • Pool floats/noodles
  • Styrofoam – ALL TYPES