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Are the mesh bags used to hold fire wood recyclable?

No, they are regular garbage and should be placed in the Garbage MOLOK containers.

Why do recyclables have to be emptied out of plastic bags before they go into the MOLOKs?

All recyclables are processed and hand sorted by Ottawa Valley Waste Recovery Centre staff. The Centre does not have equipment to open bags, therefore every bag of recyclables has to be manually opened by staff, causing employee safety hazards and reducing processing efficiencies. Therefore, recyclables must be loose and not in bags.

Where should I put propane tanks?

Do not place propane tanks in the MOLOKs. Propane tanks of all sizes must be taken home and brought to your local hazardous waste disposal site or most campgrounds in Algonquin Park have Orange Drop containers for propane tank disposal.

Why can’t I use plastic bags to collect my organics?

All organics collected through Algonquin Park’s program are processed by Ottawa Valley Waste Recovery Centre which is a paper based composting facility. Although there are several plastic bag products on the market that claim to be biodegradable or compostable, these bags do not conform with the Centre’s program as they interfere with and cause damage to processing equipment. Therefore, organic material in plastic bags of any kind cannot be accepted. Organics can be placed in a paper bag with a cellulose liner or any paper product (i.e. cereal box).

What bags are acceptable for Organics Collection?

Paper bags, containing no plastic, like the Bag to Earth ® compostable paper bags are acceptable. You can also use any paper based product (i.e. cereal box).

Where do wine corks go? Both the plastic and the cork type?

Wine corks are regular garbage, both the plastic and the cork ones.

Why are organic MOLOKs only available at some campgrounds?

Each year Algonquin Park is adding more organics MOLOks to campgrounds. As the program expands more opportunities for separating organic waste in campgrounds will be available.

Where should I dispose of large items?

Large items, like lawn chairs, for example, should not be placed in the MOLOKs. They should be taken directly to a landfill site for disposal.