pile of wood waste with sign in front sign text is Wood

OVWRC customers are encouraged to properly separate Construction, Demolition (C&D) and Renovation Material to save on tipping fees.  Acceptable Construction and Demolition waste that is separated is charged a lower tipping fee.   Click here for current waste disposal fees. 

Source Separated Material is charged the lowest tipping fee.  Material can be sorted into the following categories:

Shingles Shingle paper and nails do not have to be removed.  Free of plastic, wood, etc.
Drywall Unpainted; must be free of wood, tiles, etc.
Concrete No larger than 4 ft x 4 ft, must be unpainted and free from rebar or any other metal.
Clean Wood Waste Unpainted/untreated dimensional lumber (i.e. 2 x 4), Plywood/Chipboard/Fibreboard, Pallets
Dirty Wood Waste Painted/stained/pressure treated wood, wood flooring, wood furniture & doors (minimal metal)

Also accepted at the Construction and Demolition Site:

Scrap Metal NO CHARGE
Brush Any branches that are larger than the thickness of your thumb, and longer than 3 – 4 feet. Material smaller than that is considered Leaf and Yard Waste.


The following construction and renovation material is considered LANDFILL:

Asbestos siding & shingles
Ceiling tiles
Insulation bags
Laminate flooring
Plastic pipe (i.e. ABS)
Railroad ties
Vinyl Siding
Wooden windows & door with glass

Asbestos insulation requires pre-approval.  Click here for more information. 

Landscape Products

Compost, Wood Mulch and Gypsum is available for purchase at the Construction and Demolition Site.  Click here for more information.